Clinical Performance

The clinical performance of Medical Magnesium implants is the most important factor in successful patient care. In every step of the development process, each detail was examined to achieve a symbiosis of safety, tissue compatibility, mechanical function and controlled conversion into intact bone tissue. In collaboration with leading clinical partners, high-quality studies conducted under scientific standards will be published. All relevant results are summarized here.

Controlled Absorption

Numerous in vitro data demonstrate the effectiveness of material technology in the rate of bioabsorption. Hydrogen formation is directly proportional to the rate of degradation of the material. A controlled degradation achieved by the material technology does allow the bone enough time to heal safely.

The material platform has been extensively analyzed for a controlled bioabsorption in tissue and bone. In several preclinical experiments, biocompatibility and a controlled bioabsorption was demonstrated.

Tissue compatibility

Bioabsorbable implants always have an influence on the surrounding tissue and interact with it. The implants of Medical Magnesium show a very good integration into the surrounding tissue. The material shows an osteoconductive effect and stimulates the bone to rebuild. The preclinical tests were conducted exclusively in Germany at leading scientific institutions. The evaluation of the tissue samples and results were carried out far beyond the legal requirements.

Precise radiological diagnostics

The implants are very well usable in all relevant radiological procedures and allow targeted diagnoses. The implants are clearly visible in X-ray images and it is possible to make a clear statement about fracture healing. Furthermore, they are well characterizable in CT scans. Compared to titanium implants, Medical Magnesium implants have significantly fewer T2 artifacts during MRI. Targeted images from both MRI and CT scans are well suited to track the progress of implant degradation.

Clinical Data

Clinical data of the implants are not yet available. Once the first results are obtained, they are shown here and also published. We work with leading clinical partners to collect high quality scientific studies and to present the results transparently. If you are interested in working together, we look forward to hearing from you.

Scientific publications

We are working on publications with our partners, coming soon.