Medical Magnesium is a high-tech startup out of RWTH Aachen University. From the start, great emphasis has been placed on innovation and maximum implant performance.

At our Aachen location, the implants are constantly being improved with help of leading research partners and clinics with the aim of producing the perfect bioabsorbable implant and making it available to the patient.

Medical Magnesium

Medical Magnesium has been committed to a single goal since its foundation: We want to provide surgeons with highly functional resorbable implants. We use expertise from all technical and clinical disciplines to achieve the best possible products that offer surgeons high quality and safe magnesium-based solutions.

Our goal

100 %
Implant performance

Collaboration with clinical partners

Since the beginning of our mission to develop the next generation of resorbable implants, we are seeking close contact with clinical partners who contribute tremendously to the final implant solutions with insipring ideas and hours of experience. The ideal implant always arises when the needs of the patients, the surgeon and the medical staff are valuated at the beginning of the development and are queried regularly during the ongoing process. We welcome any inquiry from clinics.

Clinical partner


Very interesting approach, which offers new possibilities for the surgical therapy!

Dr. René Burchard
Leader Gelenkzentrum Siegen
A lot of potential

Clear visibility in x-ray, very little artefacts in MRI! Diagnostic profit from resorbable surgical implants.

Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Martin Klein
Medical Center Siegerland


The complete production chain works according to the international quality standard DIN EN ISO 13485. In addition to these standards, innovative measuring and test methods are applied to understand the products in detail.

Research Hub Aachen

Aachen as a city stands for high-tech and technical innovation. In this fertile environment, we develop and produce medical implants. Our team consists to a large extent of graduates of RWTH Aachen University. We are very proud to have most of the production chain of our implants in Aachen.