Medical Magnesium

Bioabsorbable Implant Technology

Medical Magnesium develops metallic bioabsorbable implants for orthopedic and trauma surgery. The implants are mechanically stable and physiologically degradable after fracture healing by the body. A second surgery to remove the implants becomes needless.


Our goal is to be able to offer surgeons and patients tailor made, highly functional magnesium solutions. We want to contribute to a next generation of implants, which make more and more single-surgery therapies possible. Metal removal is no longer necessary through the use of innovative bioabsorbable implants.


As a startup from RWTH Aachen, we bring results from interdisciplinary research in engineering and medicine into surgical practice. After extensive tests, a material technology was developed on which basiss the first products are transferred to the clinic.


We are currently looking for support in many different fields. Please check  Careers

Medical Magnesium entered the final of the EIT Health Catapult as one of 8 European teams. An exciting exchange with very successful mentors and startups took place in Grenoble. <a href=””>Link</a>

Medical Magnesium proudly accepted the spin-off award from RWTH Aachen University. The award highlights outstanding start-ups in the RWTH environment.

MM as the only European team finishes third in the world’s largest business plan competition at RICE University in Texas. Congratulations to Forrest Devices!

Medical Magnesium participated in the Falling Walls Conference 2018 at the invitation of the jury. At the FWC, scientists, entrepreneurs and corporates gather to exchange ideas with a high impact.