Product family for sports med & trauma

medical magnesium provides surgeons with bioabsorbable implants made of magnesium. Products are developed based on the mm.X technology platform to support users in a wide variety of indications.

With mm.X we offer surgeons a possible bioabsorbable alternative in surgical care for various clinical indications. All products are developed, evaluated and tested in close cooperation with surgical users.

Stability and design

The goal of the development of mm.X was to create an implant material that is comparable to natural bone and resorbs. The material is mechanically resilient and its mechanical properties are close to those of bone. It is therefore able to stabilize fractures with the necessary mechanical strength until healing. After complete resorption, a natural state with healed bone tissue is restored.

The mm.X allows an almost unlimited variety of designs. Implants of any shape and form can be manufactured to precisely meet the requirements of modern surgical therapy. Due to its high stability compared to polymers, the mm.X technology is very advantageous for minimally invasive and arthroscopic treatment.



In sports medicine, mm.X can bring its advantages to bear in many products. A controlled absorption of the implants supports the reimplementation of the natural state before the injury after stable fixation. The radiological diagnosis of the implants provides precise information about the healing process, due to x-ray visibility and low artifacts in the MRI. Due to the high stability of the implants, the handling of the products is optimized and allows a precise, quick and easy insertion for the surgeon. At the same time, the risk of implant breakage while screwing in is eliminated.


Interference screw

The mm.IF is a mechanically stable, high-strength and bioabsorbable interference screw for fixation of cruciate ligament transplants and other applications. Pre-cutting of the thread is not necessary, due to the high strength of the material. A highly resilient drive enables high torques when screwing in without the risk of implant breakage. If you are interested in a scientific collaboration, please contact us.

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Suture anchor systems

The mm.Fix suture anchor system is currently under development and is not yet clinically available. The high metallic strength of the anchors ensures a high pull-out strength.

Due to the complete absorption of the material and the creation of new, stable bone, the mm.Fix anchors are very well suited for highly stressed soft tissue fixations.

Trauma & extremity surgery

Trauma & extremity surgery

For use in traumatology and surgery of the extremities, mm.X offers a sensible alternative for numerous indications. Safe biodegradation and the mechanical strength allow the restoration of the natural bone structure. Afterwards there will be no impairment from a permanently implemented implant, which may have to be removed as it is frequently required for conventional materials.


Compression screw

As a metallic and resorbable double-threaded screw, the mm.CS fixes bone fragments securely and primarily stable in order to ensure a controlled healing process.

The mm.CS can best be used for intraosseous fixation and is offered in three different sizes and has a highly stable drive.


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PIP Arthrodesis implant

The mm. PIP implant is an absorbable implant for the surgical treatment of hammer or claw toe corrections. Due to its metallic strength, jagged design and the intramedullary position, it has a secure, both axially and rotationally high biomechanical stability. The mm.PIP is available in various anatomical sizes, angles, and lengths.


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Fracture system foot surgery

The mm.Foot fracture system is currently under development and is extensively investigated biomechanically and therefore not yet available. The mechanical resilience of the implants shall allow a stable fractures fixation until healing concluded after a quick and safe implantation.