Medical Magnesium provides surgeons with bioabsorbable magnesium solutions. Based on a technology platform that has been extensively tested, product solutions for various clinical indications are developed. The material platform offers surgeons a bioabsorbable alternative in surgical care. All products are developed, evaluated and tested in close collaboration with surgical users. At this stage, surgical therapies in orthopedics and traumatology are the focus.

mm.X product family

bioabsorbable implants

The goal of the development of the product family was to establish an implant that allows a regeneration that comes as close as possible to the natural state of the bone, thus mimicing it.

Magnesium is a light metal with mechanical properties close th ofose natural bone. This makes it possible to stabilize fractures until they are healed with the necessary mechanical strength. Compared to titanium implants, the negative effect of stress shielding is eliminated. After complete degradation, a natural state is restored. In comparison to bioabsorbable polymers, no inflammatory reaction of the surrounding tissue occurs. The first mimics products are currently in approval.