mm.X sports challenge - Ten days for injury prevention

medical magnesium as an implant manufacturer is offering the bioabsorbable mm.X platform to orthopaedic surgeons. We help our partners to provide surgical care, when patients suffered from injuries or trauma. Through a high-level of education of users and modern technology, surgical care leads to very good rehabilitation outcomes.

Nevertheless, every surgery is an individual burden and the last resort. We would like to raise awareness for injury prevention to minimize the need for surgical intervention in the first place. To prevent injuries, the role of sports is well researched and proven to play an important role. Apart from sports and trauma injury prevention in orthopaedic care, regular exercising and a healthy lifestyle leads to a better physical and mental health.

In ten days between

19.04.2021 – 28.4.2021

we collect and track your physical activities and make a donation for a great cause. To participate in the mm.X sports charity challenge for injury prevention just get out running, complete a workout or get on your bike for a ride and send in proof for one of the following categories:



There is nothing easier then getting a pair of shoes on, tie your laces and start running. If you go for a tour through the urban jungle, visit the near forests or climb a mountain nearby or run indoor, your physical and mental health will benefit. We have a big group of runners in our team, who will take on lots of miles!

For every run of more than 5km,
we donate 5€
For every run of more than 10km,
we donate 10€



Strenghten your muscles, stretch out and get your heart rate has only positive effects. At medical magnesium and many other companies, most of our work is performed sitting, standing and staring into a screen getting things done. To get moving and an upright position, get a workout (body weight exercise, weight lifting, yoga or similar) into the books.

For every workout 30min+,
we donate 5€
For every workout 60min+,
we donate 10€



Riding a bike, no matter it is a trekking bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, road bike or mono-cycle, is a great cardio exercise. Especially to start again after a lazy period or if you have suffered from earlier joint injury, cycling is a great alternative. Experience the nature around or ride indoor, it raises your fitness and has a positive impact on your wellbeing.

For every ride of more than 20km,
we donate 5€.
For every ride of more than 100km,
we donate 10€.

Proof of activity:

We trust in your honesty, as cheating will only harm yourself! We accept any form of proof of your RUN, CORE or RIDE activity. Send us your after-run picture, short videos, strava links, gps files, combinations of this or similar with the message “I agree to terms” to

However, we will decide on eglibility and donation for the activity on a case-by-case basis (see disclaimer below, also for media usage). For sure, you can tag yourself on social media and promote your great workout yourself. Remember, when something happens, we got you covered with our mm.X implants.


Every “collected” Euro will be donated to the humanitarian organization medicines sans frontieres (MSF). They play an important role for surgical care – more than 100.000 required surgeries per year- and more in areas of conflict and developing countries with limited access to required healthcare facilities. We hope to rise awareness for this institution and its work by donating the resulting sum of the event.

If you want to learn more about the work and the MSF please find it here:

“Trauma care in conflict zones needs to be mobile and responsive. In order to improve a patient’s chances of survival it’s necessary to minimise the time and distance from the point of injury to a hospital with surgical capacity. In places of active conflict, if needed and if possible, we set up stabilisation points so that patients can receive first aid and emergency care, and be transported efficiently to a hospital where they can get life-saving surgery.”



Organizer of this event: Medical Magnesium GmbH 1. Eligibility: The event is open only to those who fulfill the stated requirements of the event and who are over 18 years old as of the date of entry. 2. Agreement to Rules and organizers decision: By participating and sending in your proof of activity, you agree to be fully unconditionally bound by these rules, and you represent and warrant that you meet the eligibility requirements set forth herein. In addition, you agree to accept the decisions of the organizer, as final and binding. medical magnesium will not disclose its decision criteria. 3. Entries will be accepted starting with the reveal of the campaign and ending with its announced date. 4. The final sum of the donation will be published, number of accepted entries will be non-disclosed. 5. Media Usage: By participating you agree that your sent in proof data is used for marketing purposes of medical magnesium and will be published in several platforms. If you do not agree on the usage of your data, do not participate. Withdrawal of the consent must be in written form.




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