Development: Biomechanics

The biomechanical performance of the resorbable implants is one of the core issues in product development. We are working on this internally, but also in many projects with the biomechanical laboratories of clinics. We spend many hours and days coordinating design development and functional testing as part of product development. Building up validated test environments, collecting data and interpreting it scientifically is the task of development and product management.

Clinical Affairs: Clinical Trial Design

In the area of clinical affairs, the focus is on collaboration with clinical partners. Together with surgical users, we are working to collect clinical data that scientifically demonstrate the medical advantage of our implants. In addition, we work closely with radiologists to investigate scientific issues relating to bioabsorption with the help of suitable imaging methods. The coordination of multicentric clinical activities, the collaborative development of a study protocol with clinics, the coordination with ethics committees or the project management in everyday clinical practice is an exciting and highly complex topic at mm.

Regulatory Affairs: Approval of a mm.X implant

For the approval of the mm.X implants, we move in the field of tension between international guidelines and laws and standards. In order to be able to ensure the safety and performance of our implants before their first clinical use, we work hand in hand with product development to a large number of technical, chemical and biological aspects as part of product validation. In close cooperation with Clinical Affairs, we continuously monitor the ongoing suitability of our products. The planning and implementation of these important steps and the coordination of the approval process along the life cycle of the implants are the core area of Regulatory Affairs.



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Unsolicited applications

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