medical magnesium develops metallic bioabsorbable implants for orthopaedic and trauma surgical therapy. The implants are mechanically stable and will be physiologically absorbed by the body after the fracture has healed. Therefore, a second surgery for implant removal is not necessary.

Our goal is to provide users and patients customized and highly functional solutions made of magnesium.
We aim to shape a next generation of implants to provide more therapy options with just a single surgery. The use of innovative bioabsorbable implants means that metal removal is no longer necessary.

As a start-up from RWTH Aachen University, we bring results from interdisciplinary research in engineering and medicine into the surgical theathres. After extensive testing, we developed the product technology mm.X and the first products were transferred into the clinic. We are committed to transparently publish all data with high clinical evidence.

mm.X Surgery Series

mm.X Technology

Bioabsorbable high-tech biomaterial platform based on magnesium technology


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