Bioabsorbable implant technology

Medical Magnesium develops the next generation of implants.

High-Tec magnesium implants are able to perfom therapy and then dissolve completely. In orthopedics a successful, stabilized fracture healing is secured befored the bone uses the nutrition, which the dissolving implant releases, to regrow his natural structure. The technology is set to bring resorbable metallic implants and devices to treat many diseases all over the human body including cardiovascular, spinal or inner surgery.


Medical Magnesium develops implants which combine the ability to stabilize and a controlled bioabsorption. The unique application of a surface conversion helped us to advance this crucial step forward.

Research and Technology

We believe in research. Our mission is to bring top research in various fields together to form and design a new generation of implants.


Our implants have shown their performance in various tests (in vitro and in vivo).

Surgeons and Clinics

To perfectly match patient’s and physician’s needs we collect feedback to adapt the design.

Medical Magnesium is born
Aachen, Germany based Startup out of RWTH Aachen.

We believe in progress for humanity by transforming top research into highly innovative products. The team was formed in late 2015 and strives for innovation in technology and progress of healthcare.

Progress in patient care
Progress in Technoloy with direct patient impact

We work with surgeons and clinics, who strive for a better patient care. Together we shape and design products to make a significant difference.

Innovative Product Development to replace existing solutions

We develop the next generation of implants. We create new approaches in implant design, rethink material choice and apply state of the art manufacturing science.


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Medical Magnesium collaborates with leading experts

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  • — 3. Place Rice Business Plan Competition

  • — 2. Place Start2Grow Business Plan
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